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A.I.M. War Protocol (Mechanoids 3) Edit

Bulat "Dust" Dautov, author of A.I.M. Artificial Intelligence Machine, has announced he's working on fourth game to bear the name Mechanoids. He has gained legal right from 1C Company to use "Механоиды"/"A.I.M. Artificial Intelligence Machine" title for his game.

25.11.2018 Gregory Semenov has released a currently Patreon-only soundtrack for the Mechanoids 3.

Dust's email:

More information and news on official telegram channel: Механоиды 3 (Russian)

Project on patreon:

Official english title: A.I.M. War Protocol, but "Dust" often uses in speech a "Mechanoids", as a literal translation "Механоиды" from Russian.

Discord server for English speaking crew Edit

There's an new Discord server opened specially for English speaking people. You can ask help from there, discuss topics or multiplayer games. This server is directly connected with Dust's Механоиды 3 Telegram announcement group, which means that all Dust's news will be translated into English and sent to you.

Join with us here!


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