Acid proboscis

The acid proboscis is a weapon that can be equipped on gliders.

An experimental weapon mainly intended for symbiots. Uses largely organic technologies. Special glands generate a strong acid that interfaces with most elements and compositions used in technology. This weapon can be used only at short ranges.

The acid proboscis is a modification of polyp emitter.

Specifications Edit

  • Power consumtion: 100
  • Standard: 1; Light
  • Type of impact: molecular
  • Firing rate: 300 rounds per minute
  • Damage: 250 points
  • Price: 5000 crystals


Can be bought in Sinigers' secondary base after completing its second mission.

Biological factsEdit

Proboscis (from Greek: προβοσκίς) is an elongated-shaped organ on the head of animals, which has the function of a nose or a mouth. Read more about proboscis on Wikipedia.