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You can hear following soundtrack in this sector:

Gregory Semenov - 05 Snow

The Arctic Sector is located quite close to the planet’s South Pole, and the climate conditions here are almost equal to the natural ones. The location of the sector was selected to protect it from snow vortexes and electrical storms. The sides of the sector are surrounded with small stone fields, the majority of which were grown by the Creators in the era of Terraforming. Frequent snowfalls and strong winds keep the snow at one stable level.

Clans that inhabit this sectorEdit

If you travel around the Arctic Sector, you may meet the Panzers, Nargoons and representatives of the Structure of Changes. Naturally there are some representatives of other clans but those are very few.

Buildings of the sectorEdit

Arctic Sector map clear

Revealed map of the Arctic Sector.

Arctic Sector map2

Revealed map of the Arctic Sector after the reformation.

A.I.M. A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars
Charge platform 1 not enterable
Charge platform 2 not enterable
Charge platform 3 not enterable
Climate actuator Climate-actuator
Expendables plants Expendables plant
Extracting system 1 production unit 1
Extracting system 2 production unit 2
Half-stock plant Half-stock plant
Main base Base 4
Manufacturing plant Process facility
Nargoon test complex Test complex
Panzer secondary base Base 3
Passage tunnel Passage tunnel
Raw Materials Base Raw materials base
Structure of Changes secondary base Base 1
The Arena not enterable
The First's secondary base Base 2
Vent system Ventilation system

Bearings of the sectorEdit

Purchaseable things (A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars)Edit

All bases within one sector sell the same things in their hangars.


Glider componentsEdit