The clans (also called organizations) unite mechminds who have the same goal and views on the way to perfection. If a clan is strong enough, they can take over a base. Although taking over is probably not the right term. Rather, this is cooperation: the clan supplies the base with everything necessary, while the base provides its information centers, cheap repairs and more.

Destroying a clanEdit

A clan can be destroyed. For instance if it loses the majority of its followers, if they left the clan or were Reset, the remaining forces may not be sufficient for supporting the base. The clan may then lose the base if the resources are brought in by somebody else, for example, the Free Ones. Losing a base for a weak clan is practically fatal - the enemies will quickly eliminate the survivors.

There is yet another way to destroy a clan. It was once used by a symbiot called Siniger, who single-handedly destroyed the Runners. The summed rating of all the mechminds in a clan represents a certain number. Normally it is somewhere around 5. However if the rating falls lower than 2, the clan ceases to exist.

After the rating system changed, the rating of clans is also now shown in a different way. They simply show the ratings of all living members, which includes the ones used in clusters, added together. To destroy a clan, it is needed to drop it's rating to 45. The clan then gets the status "disintegrating" for the next two hours. If it doesn't manages to increase its rating over 45 again within this time, the clan will finally be destroyed and all remaining members will turn into Free Ones.

Messages from destroyed clans Edit

Some minor and major clans have cut descritions that would be displayed according to their status:

The ArheysEdit


All our enemies should be destroyed! The rest Mechminds we'll add to our clan. Step by step we'll get total control over the sectors.


Looks like our enemies are stronger and wiser than we believed.  Evidently, the Arheys are on the path to oblivion, though we will slip down that path with weapon in hand and battle-lust in our hearts.

The AscendsEdit

Active Edit

Our clan is like a seedling which snakes its way between the stones in order to find the sun.  We'll devise our own strategies to become the strongest clan on the Range, and maximal efficiency will be the key to our success.

Inactive Edit

There is a powerful force at work here which has ambitions highly similar to our own.  It seems there is indeed a possibility that our clan may find itself destroyed.

The CalmkeepersEdit

Active Edit

There is much vanity in this world.  It is needless.  By eliminating all those who would oppose us through the use of economic policies, we can bring about a world free of fear and hatred.

Inactive Edit

Even though it seems that vanity is the Mechminds' main driving force, our way turned out to be a failure.  Our enemies, it seems, are stronger.

The FantomsEdit

Active Edit

We aim to use the best equipment, which can lead to success in any battle, enabling us to defeat any enemy, to vanquish any foe.  It is this success that will act as the basis for the power that our clan will gain.

Inactive Edit

It appears as though that using the best equipment does not assure one's success.  A shame that we have learned this a little too late.

The SeekersEdit

Active Edit

We are always looking for new ways to solve old problems. After the Reformation, many new opportunities revealed themselves, many of which we did not pursue.  It requires time, and yet, here we are.

Inactive Edit

Our constant search has lead to us to discover our undoing. Someone has found a better, stronger path to success, and much faster than we could. And so the Seekers must now vanish into the starry twilight of space.

The FireHalfEdit

Active Edit

Some time ago, the clan of the FireHalf was united in a strong organic whole.  Had all our clansmen survived after the Reformation, the Range would be at the mercy of our clan.  Today, we have neither the strength nor the will to achieve our goals.  Half our chains have been cut, and there is nobody on the other end. Still, half our warriors have survived, and our enemies should remember that we are and always will be the Fire.

Inactive Edit

Our clan will disappear soon.  Perhaps this will finally set us free from the eternally lingering feeling of having lost those Mechminds on the other end of those cut chains.

*Other clans, including player's personal disposition organization, excluding the Free Ones (which is logical) and the Reckoners, has active and inactive lines in Russian version, English texts are unfinished.

Creating one's own clanEdit

In A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars, the player has to create his own clan with the help of ARIO. First, the player has to convince ARIO by fulfilling his task, to convince nine other mechminds. With all mechminds together, the player can then fill the cluster of a base to capture it. 

Inside a captured base, the player can look up the statistics of his clan aswell as configuring some settings. Following things can be configured:

The player can...
  • ...choose between 16 different emblems which is represented over captured buildings and also defines the color of the gliders.
  • ...set the percentual amount of traders and warriors in his clan (for the current sector).
  • ...set the percentual amount of protection and attack warriors (for the current sector).

Joining a clan Edit

In A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars, it is possible to join a clan other than the player's. The conditions for joining a clan are the same for all clans, contrary to the first game. To join a clan, the player's rating with that clan must be above -3. There are several ways to increase that rating:

  • Defend buildings of the clan (kill enemy mechminds in the vicinity of the building)
  • Kill mechminds of other clans
  • Help mechminds of the clan in fights
  • Trade with buildings of the clan
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This will make a prompt appear under the Mission tab of any of the clan's buildings, through which the player can join the clan.

Once a clan has been joined, there is no way to leave it manually; the player must wait for 12 in-game hours to pass to leave the clan automatically to avoid assimilation. In the sector in which the player joined the clan, the player will have leader commands as well as the ability to convince mechminds for the clan. These abilities do not carry over in other sectors with mechminds of the same clan, however, although they'll still consider the player part of their clan. Also, when leaving the sector in which the player joined the clan, his glider color will revert to his own clan's until he returns to that sector where it will revert to the clan's if the 12 hours haven't passed.

Once the 12 hours have passed, the player will automatically be kicked out of the clan and the player's rating with that clan will drop drastically.

Dllhost 2018-09-29 02-15-06

The Hidden cannot be joined.

Trivia Edit

  • In A.I.M. 2. Clan Wars, if the player has joined another clan, saves, quits and relaunches the game, that clan's emblem and color will change to the player's. It will remain like this in every sector where the clan is present until the player leaves the clan and relaunches the game again. The color can still be slightly different, a bit brighter or darker comparing to the player's clan tint;
    • Sometimes it could be possible to remain in other clan by leaving the sector and waithing until 12 hours are over. You'd not be able to return to your clan later in this sector.

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