Configurations (short: Configs or CFGs) are files, used by mechminds and define their set of gliders, weapons and everything else aswell as the starting rating of the mechmind. The rating though, can be different sometimes. 


Pages about single mechminds or mechmind groups contain a short list about their rating, glider, armor, energy shield, light and heavy weapons. That's the information what a information analyzer would give. A more detailed overview about every other equipment like the engine or the reactor can be found in their Template:CFG_*. The link for the template can be found at the bottom of the list, where it says "more information...".

Here is an example of adding a table about the configuration of the mechmind SINIGR in the source editor:







The first line creates a table and defines it automatically. The second and third line are the header for the table which reads "Mechmind:" and the mechmind's name (in this case "SINIGR") in different columns. Then it is needed to add the {{CFG_HEADER}} and the {{CFG_*}} (in this case SINIGR is using {{CFG_BIGBOSS}}) and the table will be filled with every needed information. At the end the table has just to be closed with |}.

For mechmind groups, there just has to be added more lines for their name and CFG templates.


Mechmind: SINIGR




Energy shield:

Light weapon:

Heavy weapon:


9star 11

Devil Wings


Power-shield generator type-4

Microwave emitter


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