Equipment (also called additional devices) is improving the stats or add new functionalities to the glider. They fit to every glider standard. This makes it possible to keep the equipment when buying a new glider.

List of equipmentEdit

Equipment Activation Description
Accelerator Accelerator Automatically Increases the engine output.
Antimatter synthesizer Antimatter synthesizer Automatically Automatically replenishes ammo for molecular weapons.
Radiation protection Anti-missile defense system Manually Distracts incoming missiles.
Booster Booster Manually Temporarily increases the reactors power output.
Brake booster

Brake booster / 

Brake system intensifier

Automatically Allows to stop faster.
Chaos-generator Chaos-generator Automatically Generates chaos matter for use in various devices.
Communicator Communicator Automatically Allows to communicate with the Sinigers while being inside the passage tunnel of the Swamp Sector.
Cryogenerator Cryogenerator Automatically Protects from high temperature.
Dispersing cover

Dispersing cover /

Diffusing coating

Automatically Repels directional radiation.
Electro-magnetic stabilizer Electro-magnetic stabilizer Automatically Protects from electromagnetic abnormalities.
Energy converter Energy converter Automatically Converts parts of the consumed damage into energy.
Energy expander Energy expander Automatically Increases the glider's energy levels twofold.
Experimental device Experimental device Automatically Protects from damage of any anomalous zone, especially the unknown hazard.
Fuel expander Fuel expander Automatically Reduces the engines power consumption.
Jump concentrator Jump concentrator Automatically Allows to make higher jumps.
Increased power antigravity module

Increased power antigravity module /

Increased power antigrav

Automatically Increases cargo capacity.
Internal structure enhancement Internal structure enhancement Automatically Increases the glider's durability.
Information analyzer Information analyzer Both Shows detailed informations on artificial objects. Needed for communicating with the Beholder.
Masking cover

Masking cover /

Camouflage coating

Manually Makes the glider invisible.
Mobilizer Mobilizer Automatically Increases the reactors power output.
Optical amplifier Optical amplifier Manually Improves flashlight.
Pusher Pusher Manually Provides a temporary speed gain.
Quantum translator Quantum translator Automatically Allows to communicate with the First Ones and provides their positions on the map.
Quasi-mental diffuser Quasi-mental diffuser Automatically Protects the player from Nautilus' information impacts and seperates this information.
Radiation protection

Radiation protection /

Radiation defense

Automatically Protects from hazardous radiation.
Regenerator Regenerator Automatically Regenerates damage in organic gliders faster.
Repair system Repair system Automatically Repairs all damaged glider systems over time.
Shield multiplier Shield multiplier Automatically Boosts the absorption, durability and regeneration of the energy shield by consuming energy directly from the reactor.
Strafe-jumper Strafe-jumper Automatically Boosts sideway leaps.
Stasis generator

Stasis generator /

Stasis-field generator

Manually Creates a field arround the glider, isolating it from the outside world and has a time-speeding effect.
Wheel accelerator

Wheel accelerator /

Powered steering

Automatically Decreases the time to U-turn.
Universal repair system

Universal repair module

Automatically Regenerates damaged glider structures. Activated, when the damage is critical.
Zero concentrator

Zero concentrator /


Automatically Expands the zero armors capacities.

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