Hunter's emblem

If you see a lone glider in the Rock Sector, away from the road, chances are this is a Hunter. They use attack-type gliders and will always come at you if you're alone. The Hunters do not go after groups, preferring duel fights. They have been operating in the Rock Sector for a while now and seem to be quite content with the current state of affairs. You can find them in the Tundra Sector too.

The Hunters' goalEdit

Every Free One who attacks single targets is a Hunter. Why fight a crowd if they destroy you anyway? Traveling in a company searching for a target is not efficient - only one can increase his rating. It is better to be a Hunter. That means freedom of action and a high rating if you do everything right.

Entering the Hunter clanEdit

The Hunters can be joined at the Rock Sector's secondary base and Tundra Sector secondary base

The Hunters are only strong on their own. This is the only way to development. Will you join them? But, be aware that as soon you do, you will have a lot of enemies. You will be able to survive only if you feel you are strong enough.

Joining conditionsEdit

Rating 3 and any attack glider.

Special features: the Hunters can repair their gliders at half the price.