The identification is the process when you take one of the two options the Rock Sector's main base is offering, after entering it the first time. The first option is to name your mechmind by your own and the second option lets the main base decide which name you will get.

After taking one option (A.I.M.)Edit

Message from the Main base after naming yourselfEdit

"<Chosen name> - is a pretty strange name for a mechmind... or are you a symbiot? Funny, but I cannot tell your origin. Looks like Super used some new technology to create you. Anyway, I don’t care. You will soon leave this sector anyway. And for now, while your glider is still being equipped read this message. It was left here by the First and looks like it’s for you."

Message from the Main base after naming youEdit

"You couldn’t name yourself. This is very odd and strange, mechmind... Or symbiot? Funny, but i cannot tell your origin. Looks like Super has somehow merged the technologies of the Creators and their allies and received an entirely new type of intellect, which is unknown to me. I will call you SM5T001. This is how everyone at the Range is going to call you. And for now, while your glider is still being equipped, read this message that was left by the First. It was left here not long ago, and it appears it is adressed to you."

None of these options seems to make any changes to the story. At both options you also receive some equipment, including a Titanium armor, a Power-shield generator type-1, an Impulse laser type-1 as weapon, 5 Contact bombs and 300 energy crystals.

After taking one option (A.I.M. 2)Edit

After obtaining a name, the identification continues by taking a specialization. The three available options are warrior, trader and courier. The standard equipment is based on this decision.

A tutorial will be offered after that, called a basic skills test.

If everything is done, the player will get known about the reformation:

"Ok, it seems like everything is fine in the basic skills department. You will be able survive. But there is one thing which I assume you are not aware of: some time ago, the Reformation took place. Essentially, it was the development of a special process by Super, wherein Mechminds were imbued with quasi-mental fields. They can be used by any Mechmind, including you. However, I'm sure that you know nothing about it, as it seems that your internal quasi-mental cains are blocked.

I will activate a high-frequency impulse which will help to unblock them. You just have to wait a bit." A video about this process will then be played. 

Then the identifiaction is complete and the player will get a basic amount of 5000 energy crystals.


  • In both games, the player will get the name SM5T001, if he doesn't name himself.