Invader's emblem

The Invaders will attack anyone who lives in the Rock Sector or who comes there by accident. They always try to take away your cargo, and if this does not work, they will attack. You will easily recognize them when you see their high-speed gliders called Lightning in 2-, 3-, or 4-strong groups. Try to avoid them if you are not experienced enough, and they are strong fighters. The Invaders try to stay close to charge platforms, but basically you could encounter them anywhere in this sector.

The Invaders’ goalEdit

Their goal is war. This is how you gain your rating. The resources for war they extort from the Trances. In other sectors there are too many strong clans, so it's better for them to stay out of there.

Entering the Invader clan Edit

There is no point in going from the plant to the base and back and wasting your energy. Let the Trances do that. An Invader takes away their cargo, and if they don't hand over their cargo to the Invader, then the Invader destroys their glider. This way you can gain both rating and energy. Do you agree? Then join us!

Joining conditionsEdit

Rating 3 and any high-speed glider.

Special features: all the Intruders can sell any resources, even if they are not needed, at half the price.