Location of NASP-M013 on the map.

NASP-M013 is a mechmind of the Nargoons who lives in the Rock Sector.

He spawns near the Raw Materials Base after accepting the third mission of the Rock Sector's main base.

He came from the Arctic Sector, destroying many gliders passing him, which causes resource exchange slowing down. That's a strange behaviour for a mechmind of the old generation. Because of that, he should be eliminated and the mechmind brought to the main base.

Mechmind: NASP_M013




Energy shield:

Light weapon:

Heavy weapon:


5star 5


Polymer armor

Power-shield generator type-2

Electric discharger



  • There are translation errors in the main base's mission, talking about NASP-I013 in the english version and NASP-013 in the czech version. The mechminds real name still stays NASP-M013, though.
  • In the game files is a death-message from NASP-M013. The message is not showing up in the actual game. It tells following: "Looks like you think that there is something wrong with me. That is not true! It's just that I've found a sure way to earn some energy quickly. All we need to do is find a good place to destroy Trances. So sad you came by and destroyed my glider."
  • Disappears after destroying once.