Beholder screenshot

Beholder in the bottom of dried out lake

The Observer (also called Beholder or Watcher) is an artificial being residing in the Desert Sector. The player must contact him with a device called information analyzer. It lies in the middle of the dried out lake, which makes it hard to reach.

The player is the only one who could get in touch with the Observer. Even other mechminds of the fifth generation tried to contact him, but in vain.

Message from the ObserverEdit

With information analyzerEdit

If players have equipped the information analyzer, they will get following message from him, which creates the log entry called the Beholder's advice:

"Finally there is a really intelligent member of your race! I welcome you, <name>. I have long waited for an opportunity to talk to a mechmind, because it is you, not Super, who will develop the new civilization. But first it is required to change some things in your artificial environment.

You have been to most of its regions and surely understand, that the stability is just a question of time. If several large systems, like climate-actuator, fail at once, the Range will be dead very shortly.

Mechminds can not live without the supporting systems, they are too dependent on them. If they are freed from this dependence, the mechminds' civilization will go to the new heights and develop at its full potential.

You are the first actually intelligent mechmind, really equal to your creators, excluding you physical organization. It limits your development. Above all you can not reproduce. Super can change it all, but to do that he will have to get rid of the direction of those, who created your world.

Super is still trying to complete the obsolete task. It is to create, test gliders and send them to the creators, who need them for interplanetary warfare. But those wars are long gone. You will find out later what happened to those, who created the Range. Now I am going to tell you what can be done today.

The planet's external environment is very much different from what you've seen here under the contour field. However that is the world you are going to live in. The creators build the Range with the conditions, which fitted themselves. Mechminds on the contrary will be able to live anywhere. You don't need millions of years of evolution to adapt to a new environment.

But now the obsolete task of the creators is in the way. Sometime Super will get rid of it, but not it is still in force. The direction can be cancelled because it is impossible to complete it, and then a new alternative evolution path will become available.

There is a sure way to do so. There is a creators' lab outside the Range.

You have to get outside the Range through the emergency exit, find the lab and destroy the ship. The exit to the outside world is in this sector, deep in the mountains to the West. When you're done, Super should be informed. Then it will be clear that the last means of communication with humans is lost.

That will cancel all the creators' orders and Super will start the actual development of your race. Go ahead! You are the only one who can change this world and make your civilization realize its potential."

Without information analyzerEdit

If players do not have the information analyzer, they will get following unreadable binary code message from it:

0100100010001001010001010010001001 10100 10 00 1000 100100100 0 010010 01 (Non-translatable talk of the Beholder)


  • The binary code message is saved within ID named MSG_ABRAKADABRA.
  • The code is written incorrectly and has no meaning.
  • Beholder's scripts imply that it actually is a building and can own a building's map marker.