The Range (also called Polygon) comprises a number of artificial areas, different in geo-climatic conditions and connected with each other by passage tunnels. The game takes place on Range-4 (Polygon-4). All of the areas, which are more often referred to as sectors, are isolated from the outside world with contour field which protect the sectors from contact with the undesirable elements of the planet's environment, such as certain gases, emissions, etc.

The goal of the Creators of the Range is simple: development and testing of gliders, which would be equally suited for different types of environments, with the only limiting factor being that these conditions should be easily suitable for the existence of the Creators themselves. The planet's outside environment is too aggressive for the biological race.

The sectors territory is surrounded by a kind of energy field, but more often with high mountain ridges, since this reduces the power expenditures. The stability of many conditions in the sector is maintained with the help of climate actuators. In order to minimize the power consumption, the sectors were located in the parts of the planet which would at least remotely reflect the conditions that are expected to be found inside the sector. For instance, the Arctic Sector is located close to the planet's South Pole, while the swamps are to be found somewhere in the area of the Equator.

Language Word Meaning
Russian Полигон (Range and Polygon) Entire Polygon-4 planetary complex
English Range A terraformed area on the Polygon-4 with support systems
Estonian Range (sometimes polügon)
German Range/Polygon(?)
French Territoire
Czech Pásmo