This container has multipliers in it, which will be told after visiting the half-stock plant. It weights 50 kg and can't be thrown out of the hold.

Deliver the container is the name of the first mission the Rock Sector's main base offers the player.

Requirements Edit

The player must have completed the identification.

Mission details and completion Edit

There is a container that the player should ship to the half-stock plant. Doing that within 12 hours, the half-stock plant will give 200 energy crystals to the player (the main base actually told that the player would get 300).

The half-stock plant will also offer you to take a look in his stock. You should be able to buy at least one package of light weapon elements at this moment. Returning to the main base will complete this mission. If the player bought some light weapon elements before, he can sell them there, which gives him some extra crystals and rating.

Ending this mission will unlock the next mission of the main base.

Ways to fail the mission Edit

  • If the player doesn't get into the half-stock plant within the given time, the container will disappear from hold and he'll fail the mission. Next time, visiting the main base, he'll get a demotivating answer.