The glider of NASP-M013, called Scorpio.

Destroy the intruder is the name of the third mission the Rock Sector's main base offers the player.

Requirements Edit

End the mission before of the main base, to get this job offered.

Mission details and completion Edit


Location of NASP-M013 on the map.

Recently an intruder of the third sector has appeared here who is destroying the Trances. Resource exchange is slowing down, since he is mainly operating in the area of the Raw Materials Base. He must be eliminated and brought to the main base.

The player doesn't have to destroy his glider himself. But due to his high rating of 5, normally nobody will face him. You can wait till he gets destroyed or just trap him to shoot inside the secured area of the Raw Materials Base, so that the turrets will shoot him. The only important thing though is to bring his mechmind to the main base to complete the mission.

NASP-M013 is the name of the mechmind, piloting a type-2 glider. If brought to the main base, the player will receive 800 energy crystals and 10 rating points.

Ending this mission will unlock the next mission of the main base.

Ways to fail the mission Edit

  • If the glider of the intruder is destroyed and the player returns without his mechmind to the main base, results in failing the mission and losing 20 rating points, because the main base thinks that somebody else has gotten the reward.
  • If the player brings the mechmind to a base other than the main base, the main base will think that somebody else has gotten the reward. Next time, entering the main base will result in failing the mission and losing 20 rating points too.


  • The main base will tell, that the intruder is a Free One. Marking the target though, players will see the logo of the Nargoons.
  • There are translation errors for NASP-M013, talking about NASP-I013 in the english version and NASP-013 in the czech version. The mechminds real name still stays NASP-M013, though.
  • Originally there should be a bearing for NASP-M013 called Naspa's pointer, but it wasn't added to the actual game.