Repairs at climate actuator is the name of the fourth mission the Rock Sector's main base offers the player.

Requirements Edit

End the mission before of the main base, to get this job offered.

Mission details and completion Edit

The climate actuator requires some elements to repair one of its units. To replace the cooling unit they need cryotron. You have to take it and transport it there within the next 12:00 hours. If that will be done, the mission will be completed and the player receives 700 energy crystals. Returning to the main base, the player will be praised for his job.

Ending this mission will unlock the next mission of the main base.

Ways to fail the mission Edit

  • If the player doesn't gets into the climate actuator with the cryotron within the given time, he will fail the mission. If he returns to the main base, he will lose 25 rating points.

Trivia Edit

  • The player will probably earn more crystals if he sells the cryotron right at the main base, but in exchange, he will risk 25 rating points, if he won't complete the mission.
  • After this mission, everytime entering the climate actuator with a cryotron, the building will take one and the player receives 700 energy crystals.