The antennas weight 50 kg and can't be thrown out of the hold.

Repairs at climate actuator is the name of the seventh mission the Rock Sector's main base offers the player.

Requirements Edit

Wait some time after taking the mission before of the main base, to get this job offered.

Mission details and completion Edit

Broken antenna

The broken antenna on the map.

The climate actuator is replacing one of its antennas. The main base manufactured a new one and wants the player to deliver it there. 

The antenna of the concentrator must be replaced, so after visiting the climate actuator it will give the direction to the player. By that point the player already receives 500 energy crystals.

If the player reached the concentrator, which is marked by the point broken antenna on the map, the antenna will automatically be deployed and the broken antenna picked up. Now it is necessary to deliver the broken antenna to the main base to complete this mission and to get a reward of 2000 energy crystals.

Waiting some time will unlock the next mission of the main base.

Ways to fail the mission Edit

There is no way to fail the mission.