The video crystal (also called memocrystal) is an automatically actuated memory crystal.

Research of anomalous zones is the name of the first mission the Rock Sector's secondary base offers the player.

Requirements Edit

This mission has no requirements. It can even be accepted before the identification.

Mission details and completion Edit

The anomalous zones in the Rock Sector have been around for a while now. However, the only thing that is known about them so far is that there is high radiation there.

Research needs to be carried out. The base will give the player a video crystal. He should take it and go to the two anomalous zones, which coordinates are shown on the map. The crystal will record everything that will be available to the sensors. 

After researching the anomalous zones, deliver the informations to the base to complete the mission and get 1500 energy crystals for this job. At the beginning the base mentioned to repair the glider if it's damaged, but that will not be done.

Waiting some time will unlock the next mission of the secondary base.

Ways to fail the missionEdit

There is no way to fail this mission.