The biological container, which must be charged into the lake. The player will get four of them, each weighting 15 kg. They cannot be thrown out of hold.

Correction of the biochemical balance of the lake is the name of the fourth mission the Rock Sector's secondary base offers the player.

Requirements Edit

Wait some time after taking the mission before of the secondary base, to get this job offered.

Mission details and completion Edit

The ecosystem of the local lake needs certain corrections to be made. The secondary base has grown special creatures that bring the ecosystem into order.

The base will give four biological containers to the player. Fly to the coordinates marked on the map and each of the containers will automatically be discharged there. Reach the last point within 12:00 and return to the base to complete the mission and to get 2500 energy crystals.

Ending this mission will unlock the next mission of the secondary base.

Ways to fail the missionEdit

  • If the player doesn't gets to the locations within the given time, the creatures will die and the containers disappear from hold, resulting in failing this mission. Next time, visiting the secondary base, he'll lose 25 rating points.


  • There is an error if the mission has been failed. The player will accidently get a message about the details of the fifth mission from the secondary base instead of being noticed about the failure of the mission.