The Phase converter, intended to replace the similar module which failed at the main base. It weighs 300 kg and cannot be thrown out of the hold.

Delivery of special cargo to the main base is the name of the fifth mission the Rock Sector's secondary base offers the player.

Requirements Edit

End the mission before of the secondary base, to get this job offered.

Mission details and completion Edit

A hazardous cargo must be delivered to the main base of the Rock Sector.

A phase accumulator unit has broken down at the main base. It's needed to be replaced. The player should take the new phase converter from the secondary base and deliver it within 06:00 hours. If this is done, the mission will be completed and the main base will give the player 2000 energy crystals.

Returning to the secondary base, the player will get a motivating answer for accomplishing the mission.

Waiting some time after this mission will unlock the next mission of the secondary base.

Ways to fail the missionEdit

  • If the player doesn't gets into the main base within the given time, the container will disappear from hold and he'll fail the mission. Next time, visiting the secondary base, he'll lose 25 rating points.


  • The player should be careful with the cargo, because it would break if hit by a missile or falling from great heights, but that actually isn't programmed to happen.