Scorpio is an attack glider of the 2nd standard.

This glider was taken up by the Nargoons right after going into batch production. It has 4 pylons for light weapons, which is ideal for the clan’s battle tactics. A somewhat strange shape and its reinforced stabilization systems make this glider the most maneuverable in its class.

Glider specificationsEdit

  • Glider type: attack
  • Weight / Capacity: 1400 / 3000 kg
  • Standard: 2
  • Strength: 800 units
  • Turn speed: 75 °/sec.
  • Price: 50000 energy crystals

Can be bought in the Nargoon test complex.

A.I.M. 2. Clan WarsEdit

  • Type of hull: Special attacking
  • Weight / Capacity: 1400 / 5500 kg
  • Standard: 2
  • Durability: 800 units
  • Turn speed: 97 °/sec.
  • Price: 20000 energy crystals

This glider can be bought in the Underground Sector.


  • There was not the possibility to equip two light weapons at the same time in the first title of the game. Buying a second one would always replace the first one. The same problem applies to the Nightmare with light weapons and the Demon Shadow with heavy weapons.