The First Ones (short: the Firsts) are the oldest of the existing clans. Consists of a large group of mechminds which Super selected for his experiment on developing the intellect. The experiment was successful.

All the later modifications of mechminds, and soon after, the symbiots, have found the Osmose, but the First Ones are different from everyone else. They may receive Super's shape-thoughts in any sector of the Range. Of course, the difference is too great for them to understand him to the full extent. They do have some communication problems, but in general they understand each other pretty well. This is enough for Super to use the First to act among the mechminds and symbiots. And they act very efficiently, for that matter. They are the best fighters. The only match for them are the symbiots of the Siniger clan.

The First usually go in groups of five gliders, keeping a certain distance from each other. In the Volcano sector though, there are only single Firsts moving around.

The gliders they use are Vortex, Dragon, Tornado and Phoenix

They can be seen in following sectors: Rock (only by the second and sixth mission from the Secondary base), Volcano, Desert, Highlands and the Swamp Sector.

The Firsts’ goal Edit

The very first mechminds' goal is to serve Super with any kind of things.

Joining conditions Edit

Rating 8 and one of the following gliders: Vortex, Tornado, Dragon, or Phoenix.

Special features: all the members of the First clan receive repairs and ammo for free at their bases.