The Nargoons are a clan, existing in both games. They mainly lived in the Arctic Sector and later in the Tundra Sector. The name comes from the Arling language. The leader of this clan is called VERCUS.


The Nargoon ideas have become outdated and they are now searching for a new way. Their initial task was quite primitive - protect the specifications and provide resources to test complexes. But then the symbiots appeared and the situation changed drastically, there were now more specifications around.

The test complexes, too, are regularly receiving all the necessary resources and the specification clans are very strong and have no need for additional protection. I think the Nargoons will either change their goal soon or disband altogether. But so far they are still alive and kicking.

Their gliders Scorpio look quite awkward which, however, does not prevent them from carrying two pairs of light weapons while maintaining impressing maneuverability and speed.

The Nargoons are everywhere doing all the possible things, but mainly fighting their old enemies.

As dwellers of the Tundra Sector, this clan's mechminds took their name from a now-defunct clan. The Nargoons lost many of their members to a conflict with the Tolerances, who one day decided that they would no longer abide the Nargoons' hostilities. After this loss, the Nargoons' leader decided to halt any aggressive actions, leaving them to work on raising their status and recruiting clan members.

The Nargoons’ goal (A.I.M. 1)Edit

Their goal is guarding the specials. Presently, however, they do not need it. The specials are very powerful, especially some of their clans. They think it is time for to look for a new goal.

Joining conditions (A.I.M. 1)Edit

Anyone willing to join their clan must prove his loyalty by completing their first required task (Take this task and kill 3 of the Panzers).