As a matter of fact, the Panzers' (also called the Panzirs') simply are more developed Trances. Their main activity is the same - trading. The Trances never carry a cargo when the delivery is not profitable. The Panzers act accordingly. They have lots of energy, allowing them to equip their gliders and recover quickly.

Powerful engines, robust armor, and spacious gliders are characteristic of the Panzers. By the way, bases treat them rather friendly and usually offer free repairs. Communications are a useful thing for them and profitable for mechminds, providing they are treated seriously.

Entering the Panzer clanEdit

Each of them used to be a Trance before. All Panzers go through this. But, if you are sure that you will be able to follow their goal withour lenghtly training, you can joint the Panzer clan.

The Panzer’s goalEdit

The Panzers can be joined in the Panzer secondary base. They increase the rating by means of trading, as the Trances do. But unlike them, they will not give away their resources easily. They strive to become the best traders of the Range.

Joining conditionsEdit

Any glider of at least type-2 with zero armor installed.

Special features: all the Panzers can buy resources with a 7% discount.