"You are the enemy of the Structure of Changes and will be destroyed."
―SC member

Structure of Changes' emblem

The Structure of Changes is an organization of mechminds, although many symbiots share their same views. The goal of the Structure of Changes is excellence in everything, and the path is variable. The principle is simple - if the development is not possible in one direction - it is time to change it. Thus all the characteristics are developed evenly. A mechmind, as a member of the Structure of Changes, receives energy crystals every time his rating is changed. The energy is taken from the storage that is collected by all the members of the organization. With every visit to the base, a small amount of power is extracted. The amount is not essential for a mechmind, but the support after an increase of rating is quite large.

The clansmen use different gliders. That's why you should pay attention to the sign of the organization.

The Structure of Changes' goal Edit

There are many ways to develop, but the clans usually offer only one solution. In the Structure of Changes, you can act as you wish. 

Entering the Structure of ChangesEdit

The Structure of Changes can be joined in the Structure of Changes secondary base. There everyone is entitled to their own way of development. If one does not work, you may well try another. But your clansmen will always help you.

Joining conditionsEdit

Rating of at least 4, must be Free.

Special features: every mechmind of the Structure of Changes gets 5.000 energy crystals when its rating is increased. To do so, go to any base of the Structure.