Trance's emblem

Trances are mechminds specializing in cargo transportation. At times they would come in small groups to oppose the Invaders. Trances will never attack first unless you are their enemy. Battle is not their thing, and they prefer accumulating power and gaining ratings through trade and delivery of valuable cargoes.

Trances are using Scarab as glider.

The Trance’s goalEdit

Their goal is similar to the majority - the high rating. But they avoid fighting, because it takes a lot of power and resources. They prefer to drive cargo. Slow but reliable! They operate only in those areas where there are no aggressive clans. That is mostly the Tundra and Rock Sectors. There is no sense in going farther if we do not want to fight.

Entering the Trances clan Edit

The Trances can be joined at the Rock Sector's main base aswell as at the Tundra Sector's main and secondary base.

Shipping cargo is our key mission. This way you can increase your rating and earn a lot of energy. Of course, there are a lot of those who thwart us, but it would have been too easy if there was no one in the way. If you agree with our ways, join our clan!

Joining conditionsEdit

Rating of at least 2 and any cargo or standard glider.

Special features: all the Trances receive resources with a 5% discount.