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The Underground sector was built in a colossal network of natural caves, and was never a real analogue to the other sectors. Large battles usually never occur in caves because they might cause cave-ins. This sector was created for testing gliders in enclosed spaces, as well as the identification of possibilites for concealed and fast movement, maneuvering and accomplishment of assigned missions in the underground conditions. Such missions mirrored the military exercises the Creators once used.

The support systems built here were a part of the test network, and the best types of gliders were tested in these underground caves. However, after the Revelation, Super decided that it was too costly to continue to support this sector. Although acces to the sector was never actually closed, no mechminds ventured in the Underground Sector for a long time. After the exodus of the Forward clan, Super blocked the entrance, which was only re-opened after he disappeared.

A powerful infrastructure below the surface of the sector, and is entirely seperate from the Underground Sector itself. These include underground utilities which feature null-passage stations similar to the passage tunnels but more tightly connected by vector units. The Hidden clan, which once did not allow one to travel underground, lives there. That is why nobody knows anything about what goes on there. The only thing that is known about hte Hidden is that they somehow learned to remotely control the gliders within the boundaries of their sector. That's why there is no pilot falling out of a destroyed glider of a Hidden. There also was a cave-in in the Underground Sector. Since that, more and more Hidden can be seen on the surface.

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The underground facilities contain accessible stations, each connected by vector units. Some of them are enterable through production units or ventilation systems from the outside.

Underground system map

Underground system map

The stations are simply named with a two-digit number, but there is a system in that name. The vector units on each side (A and B) lead to a definite station, based on the line color which is currently showing. The color changes between green and blue once in a minute. Now think of the name of the station as two independent numbers. When riding a blue line, the next station will definitely be a station which name has another first digit and the same second digit. The same happens with the green line, with the difference that the first digit would stay the same and the second digit would change. That's a way to orient yourself in the underground.

However, below is a list of all stations and where they lead to, to find the right station easier:


Can be entered through: Rock Sector's production unit 1, ST-03A, ST-05B, ST-21

Entrance A leads to: ST-03

Entrance B leads to: ST-03


Can be entered through: Tundra Sector's production unit 1ST-03BST-06A

Entrance A leads to: ST-03

Entrance B leads to: ST-03


Can be entered through: Arctic Sector's ventilation systemST-01ST-02

Entrance A leads to: ST-23 or ST-01

Entrance B leads to: ST-23 or ST-02


Can be entered through: Desert Sector's production unit 1ST-06BST-35

Entrance A leads to: ST-35 or ST-06

Entrance B leads to: ST-35 or ST-01


Can be entered through: Highlands Sector's production unit 1ST-05AST-36

Entrance A leads to: ST-36 or ST-02

Entrance B leads to: ST-36 or ST-05


Can be entered through: ST-17ST-32

Entrance A leads to: ST-32 or ST-17

Entrance B leads to: ST-32 or ST-17


Here is the entrance to the undergrounds plant (FC-13) where LOARRAT can be found.

Can be entered through: ST-12

Entrance A leads to: ST-12

Entrance B leads to: ST-12


Can be entered through: Destroyed Sector's ventilation systemST-23

Entrance A leads to: ST-01 or ST-23

Entrance B leads to: ST-01 or ST-23


Can be entered through: ST-21ST-33

Entrance A leads to: ST-33 or ST-21

Entrance B leads to: ST-33 or ST-21


Can be entered through: ST-12, ST-33BST-36A

Entrance A leads to: ST-12 or ST-33

Entrance B leads to: ST-12 or ST-36


Can be entered through: ST-23ST-35B

Entrance A leads to: ST-23 or ST-35

Entrance B leads to: ST-23 or ST-32


Can be entered through: ST-05, ST-33A, Underground Sector B

Entrance A leads to: ST-05 or Underground Sector

Entrance B leads to: ST-05 or ST-33


Can be entered through: ST-06, ST-32B, Underground Sector A

Entrance A leads to: ST-06 or ST-32

Entrance B leads to: ST-06 or Underground Sector

Underground SectorEdit

Can be entered through: Altitude Sector's ventilation systemST-35AST-36B

Entrance A leads to: ST-36

Entrance B leads to: ST-35

Trivia Edit

  • In most of the U-stations player can see the transporters flying from one transit gateway to another. In A.I.M. these hovercrafts are called the gravi-flyers. They were mentioned by Panzer secondary base during their 2nd mission. In the first game one, and the only one that can be found is in the Underground communications. It was destroyed during the cave-in.