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Gregory Semenov - 06 Volcano

The Volcano Sector is often referred to as the Smoking Mountains. The area of the planet where this sector has been founded is now going throgh an intense mountain-shaping peroid. The Creators have selected the most stable area and protected it with a contour field of very high tension.

There is no problem with extracting power in the Smoking Mountains. The geathermal power stations are located close to the surface, but their output is still higher than needed to support all the needs of this sector. The only real problem is maintaining the stability of the local volcanoes, but the deep modules of the climate actuator still manage to do so.

Clans that inhabit this sectorEdit

The Volcano Sector is inhabited by rather aggressive clans such as the Wild or the Destroyers. In addition, the local test complex has been refitted by the Watchstone clan to be a permanent base.

Buildings of the sectorEdit

Bearings of the sectorEdit

The Volcano Sector in A.I.M. 2. Clan WarsEdit

It seems like the Creators never expected the Range to last for as long as it has. Deep tectonic processes caused massive volcanic eruptions throughout the sector. The local suppression systems managed to keep the sector within somewhat regular parameters for a while, but one day, the system failed. The sector began to drown in lava, rapidly disappearing in a spectacular eruption which consumed the majority of the area. Some Mechminds, most of which were members of the Fire Clan managed to escape through the passage tunnel. The survivors call themselves the FireHalf now and live in the Rock Sector. They are especially dangerous now, given the effects of seeing half their clan drowned in scorching magma, not to mention that the unnatural pressure and the prolonged exposure to high temperatures have almost completely destroyed them. The clan has lost more than half its followers, which changed their quasi-mental structure, corrupted it and disharmonized their minds. Their former glory can hardly be restored again.